Welcome to Just Jill Beauty & Wellness! 

We are a local owned and established medical spa in Austin, TX. Our team of skin gurus are passionate about providing treatments that are genuine and impactful. Work alongside our team to formulate a comprehensive skincare plan that’s completely customized to you.  

Ready to start your journey to better skin? The following gives information on our three basic steps recommended for everyone’s journey: First Client Appointment, Bootcamps, and Membership. Each step is essential in achieving your ultimate skin goals, including lasting results and benefits. Let’s glow!


New Client Appointment

90 min | $185

This is the first step in your personal skincare journey. Designed for the first-time client, this appointment includes time to discuss your current skin condition, lifestyle - and most important, your needs and skin goals. Our leading expert, Jill will complete a full skin analysis and share a comprehensive treatment plan for spa and home-care, all completely customized to you. Start your unique journey today and partner with our experts to experience real results, in and out of the spa.

• Detailed Consultation
• Skincare Treatment Plan
• Home Product Plan
• Nutrition Plan
• Just Rejuvenate Facial
• Free Skincare Kit (2-week supply)



Prices vary per program

Bootcamps are 3-month intensive programs, each designed to target specific skin concerns, such as treating acne, anti-aging, and other problem areas. We make advanced progress in treating your current conditions, and rejuvenate the overall health and appearance of the skin. We understand life happens, but for optimal results these programs should be completed within the designated 3-month period. This speeds up the cellular turnover and collagen production for noticeable improvement. Includes 15% off services!



Join our Membership

$108 monthly | 1-year commitment

You deserve glowing skin all year around. The skin journey continues with our monthly facials and services for maintenance, plus stronger results. Joining is an essential part of avoiding premature aging, symptoms of stress, and combating all of the other factors that wear on the skin.

• 10% off all product and additional monthly services, like waxing or decolletage peel.
• Options to sub custom facial for custom peel: Platinum, Jessner, or TCA.
• 20% off your monthly 60 minute custom facial.
• Only pay the difference for service upgrades, such as microneedling.

Credit card charged on the first of each month.