Wellness Coaching

$45 - 60 min

Meet with the wellness coach to discuss your challenges in meeting your goals, from motivation, health hacks, to diet tips, nutritional and herbal information.

Gentle Yoga Class

$10 - 60-75 min

Just Chill Yoga with Jill. Gentle yoga, stretching, and meditation. Come and Let go of the day, the stress, and Chill with Jill. (and Stella)

Private Yoga

$45 - 60-75 min

One on one gentle yoga session to improve stress and relaxation.


Couples Body Wraps

1 hr 15 min - $240

Mother / Daughter, Husband / Wife, Best Friends. Treat yourself.

Firming Body Wrap

1 hr 15 min - $120

Contains organic herbs and over 72 ionic alkalinizing minerals from both liquid and powder mineral sources, MSM and magnesium. This powerful “tea” is brewed fresh for each session, ensuring there are no chemicals.The client is wrapped firmly in elastic bandages soaked in the wrap solution, the minerals are easily absorbed into the skin, encouraging the body to release impurities.This process firms and tones the skin, hydrating the body and reducing the appearance of cellulite.


Organic Spray Tan

30 min - $45

Organic Air Brush Spray Tan for natural realistic glow without the sun damage.