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Actress Noureen DeWulf

Actress, Beverly Hills, CA
Just Jill Spa & Makeup Client
“Just Jill is a great makeup artist and facialist. Her makeup and her application are wonderful! “

Jennifer K.

Just Jill Spa Client
“I visited Jill for a Signature Facial w/ Hand Rejuvenation treatment. I really liked Jill’s holistic approach and commitment to organic skin products. She also goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable during your appointment so you can fully relax. I highly recommend Jill’s services!

Caroline J.

Just Jill Spa Client
I am one of Jill’s regular customers and she is the best! She has helped me clear up my skin and does the best waxes. She is so knowledgeable about all types of skin and skincare products. (I have so many of her own products!) I have never found a place that I regularly go back to for facials or waxing but Jill’s knowledge and care of her customers brings me back every time! I highly recommend her for any of her services, but especially the Signature Facial! You also get to visit with her sweet puppy! 🙂 “

Leah H.

Just Jill Spa Client
“When I arrived Jill instantly made me feel at home, and her knowledge on skin care became very obvious. I got a facial and my makeup done, and it was a real treat. All of her products she used on me were all natural and smelt fantastic, one of the best facials I have ever received! Jill is new to Austin and has started her own business, Give her a try you will love her! I left feeling like a million bucks! Thanks Jill and can’t wait for my next appt!

Laura A.

Just Jill Spa Client
“It’s almost been a year and I am still going to Jill monthly. My skin feels so refreshed when I leave there, and I am so relaxed from her massages! She changes it up almost every time as well, either with different combinations of product or a new technique. (this time was an amazing ear massage, really!) Bonus: her sweet lil doggie Stella sits on my lap during my treatment… :)” – Laura A. 12/14/2012 “I am SO happy Jill posted a special on Groupon (or one of those type of sites). Jill has awesome products, not tested on animals, and none of that nasty paraben stuff. I have been to her twice and have a third appointment set up. Jill is knowledgable and always available for any questions. She truly cares about her clients and their skin! (and gives great massages!) She also runs awesome specials each month. I even got a holiday gift bag with some vitamin stuff for my face and a FAB set of eye shadows! I can’t wait to try her makeup next month! If you are looking for an esthetician, GO SEE JILL!!!”

John M.

Just Jill Spa Client
A great find – truly. Being a fair skinned LA boy, a former sun worshiper (and one not born yesterday), I noticed the seemingly inevitable skin pigmentation, sagging skin, sun damage spots creep onto my face. I thought it was inevitable. I was okay with it, though I would have chosen otherwise. But I made a serendipitous stop in the M Day Spa, where I met the manager, Jill V. I had her pegged as being too young to be a manager, around 25, with what could only be described as flawless skin. Turns out she’s 37. I’m now in the midst of treatment to repair my skin damage. Already the results and incredible. Jill is amazingly knowledgeable; and equally generous with her time. You know how you can tell when someone is truly passionate about what they do, they want to share what they have learned; simply to help you. The treatment is completely individualized; even within the course of a given days treatment. Jill wanted to know everything that impacted my skin over the course of my life. Even the prices seem reasonable; especially considering the level of personalized and time consuming treatment you’ll get.

Gail R.

Just Jill Spa Client
Jill is great. She’s so pleasant making you feel comfortable and relaxed while she is doing a procedure. She is very knowledgeable about the services she provides and the products that she uses. I have also had my eyebrows done and what a difference. I highly recommend that you visit Jill, you won’t regret it.

Debbie M.

Just Jill Skincare Client
“Jill took a lot of time to explain her business and the organic products that she sells. I really felt like she was committed to her products and did an excellent way of assisting me in my skin care needs. I wasn’t aware for example that we need to wear an SPF of 30 daily in all kinds of weather. I’m wearing her product daily and my face feels so smooth and refreshed. Thanks again Jill.

Michelle S.

M Day Spa Client
“Have you ever walked into a place and felt the good energy? That is what I felt from the moment I walked into The M Day Spa. The surroundings are warm and welcoming and I am always greeted with a smile! Jill, I’m convinced, has found her calling. She has the ability to customize and perfect the treatments that my face so badly deserves 🙂 After the Green Peal (my favorite) and Jill’s hands have worked their magic, I feel refreshed and relaxed. She has guided me every step of the way with improving my skins texture and reduced those so dreaded signs of aging. I love how my skin looks! If you are looking for that personal touch and the need to feel pampered, I highly recommend a visit Jill at The M Day Spa!”

Nicole N.

Just Jill Spa & Makeup Client
“I was referred by a long-time client of Jill’s after telling her of my past (bad) experiences. I was absolutely floored by how thorough Jill was, beginning to end, from going through the current products I’m using to asking about my exact reactions to medicines, foods and topical products. She was SO good that she even made the extraction process minimally painful for my sensitive skin, which is a big deal. Even after microdermabrasion I was able to go out in public without looking a blotchy mess. Her prices are affordable, and her makeup and skin care line is amazing!! Fragrant AND gentle. I’ve never been more happy with the look and feel of my skin. I HIGHLY recommend her. She is the best!!”

Amanda S.

Just Jill Spa & Bridal Client
Jill is absolutely amazing! My facial with her was absolutely wonderful! She also did makeup for myself and my bridesmaids for my wedding. She did the best job anyone could do. She is super friendly and a lovely person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone. There are not enough positive things to say about Jill!!

Lyn M.

Just Jill Spa Client
I had my first facial EVER with Jill, and it was AMAZING! She did a thorough skin consultation first, and then put me at ease answering my questions before, during, and after my facial. I will definitely be going back for another facial, and I’m bringing my work friends with me!

Susana J.

M Day Spa Client
M Day Spa is a wonderful experience every time I go. Jill, my facialist is the absolute best!! She takes a genuine interest in getting you to look your best. She offers helpful suggestions & tips in caring for your skin. Plus she’s so warm and friendly that you can just relax and drift off as Jill gets to work to make you look your most fabulous. I’ve struggled with my skin for years and after working with Jill I’ve noticed a significant improvement with my complexion. The best part is that I’ve even received a number of compliments from friends! The staff creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. I always look forward to my visits at M Day Spa.

Samantha S.

Just Jill Spa Client
“I have really sensitive skin and never had a facial before. I went to Jill after I had my twins for some relaxation and rejuvenation. She listened to my concerns and we sat together filling out a detailed consultation form. The products are my favorite! They smell great, are all organic, and my skin was glowing after my facial. I also loved the massage, Jill has magical hands! It was an extremely relaxing experience and have gone back several times. Each time Jill tries new techniques with my approval and has outlined a skincare treatment plan for my skin. I also never had waxing done until Jill, her wax is gentle and she is quick! Which I appreciate.

Melissa G.

Just Jill Spa Client
Just Jill is AMAZING! When I booked the appointment I confessed to her that I have never been someone who understood facials. I’d done some in the past and always wondered – what is this doing? The experience went WAAAYYY beyond a normal facial. I came into her space having just had an awful experience in traffic and a stressful day. As soon as I got there I began to feel at ease. Her energy, lightness of spirit, and Stella the wonder dog were just what the doctor ordered. It was so relaxing! She took great care of me, explained what was going on with my skin, told me exactly what she was doing, and then gave me a massage!! And, my skin looked so wonderful after! For days! I am hooked! She did it! She convinced me that facials are something I simply MUST do. Thanks, Jill. I will be back and back and back.

Wanda H.

Just Jill Spa Client
“I am 71 years of age with a 56 year SUN damaged face. I have NEVER taken care of my complexion untill Jill came into my life 4 months ago. WOW, this young lady is everything a professional aesthetician can and should be plus more. I would put Jill up against anyone in her profession. This girl is GOOD and she doesn’t just stop with the facial. She goes into the scalp/neck/arm/shoulder, hand massage. I have finally decided to do something good for myself and “JILL IS IT“. Jill makes me feel so good about myself. My friends ask what I have done to my face? I just have to tell them I have started taking care of my face and getting facials on a regular basis from Jill.

Kim B.

Just Jill Spa & Makeup Client
This is the first time I felt compelled to leave a review on yelp. I am so thrilled that I found Jill! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has truly helped to transform my skin. After a treatment with Jill you feel pampered, relaxed and beautiful. Not only are her treatments amazing but her products are incredible. I absolutely love her makeup. Her foundation is the best I have found and trust me I have tried many high end brands. No more trips to Sephora for new makeup… I will just pick some up when I go in to get my next facial! Thanks Jill! Make an appointment today. You will be so glad you did!

Shayla B.

Just Jill Spa Client
“Jill is absolutely amazing! I got a facial and eyebrow shaping and she did such a fantastic job. She’s so nice and caring, and you can tell she really loves what she does. All of her products are organic so that was definitely a plus too. During the facial, I felt so relaxed, I didn’t want it to end! I felt so refreshed when I left and can’t wait until my next appointment. She even sent me home with some samples without me asking which was very thoughtful. She truly is worth the experience 🙂

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