2 hr 30 min - $450

Have your eyebrows enhanced with permanent makeup.Your artist will help you choose from Microblading, Nano Brow, Powder Brow or Ombre Brow techniques, depending on the desired look.Requires a consultation before booking microblading. 50% non-refundable deposit if required to book microblading appointment.

Permanent Makeup Consultation

1 hr - $50

Required for all PMU clients. The technician must see you in person to evaluate your skin, your brow condition and discuss your desired look. Your brow color and design will be agreed upon. You will wear your brows for the next 24 hours to make sure you are comfortable with them. Fee will be credited toward your microblading appointment. Consultation fee is non-refundable.

Permanent Makeup Touch Up

1 hr 30 min - $150

6 weeks after your permanent makeup session, you will return to polish up your brows, filling in any areas where the ink may have healed unevenly.5 0% non-refundable deposit required to book.