Herbal Microdermabrasion

No machine needed to achieve even better results!! This amazing scrub uses all natural granular green herbs, algae, minerals, enzymes and vitamins from the Russian Sea to remove dead skin, unblock pores and increase cell turnover. Natural plant acids help reduce the bacteria that contribute to breakouts. Experience softer, smoother and re-energized skin without any chemicals.

LED Light Therapy

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Your skin cells absorb the programmed frequencies of light, accelerating tissue repair, opening up the blood vessels in the skin, increasing the skin’s natural cellular activity and promoting tissue regeneration. LED stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helps to repair damaged skin, decrease pore size, kills bacteria that causes acne, increases moisture retention and firms your skin.


Gentle biocurrent improves facial and neck muscle toning by exercising the muscles, lifts jowls and eyebrows, increases cellular metabolism (ATP), reduces puffiness and increases lymphatic drainage. Called by many “an instant face lift”, microcurrent gives best results with an initial series of weekly treatments. See immediate improvement in skin quality and firmness, helping you enjoy a more youthful appearance. This treatment may use microcurrent wands or gloves. (Purchase your own pair of microcurrent gloves for $75. Sanitized and saved for each treatment. Good for 24 months.) Recommend: weekly treatments for maximum results

Clinical studies at the University of Washington indicate:
• 14% increase in natural collagen production
• 48% increase in natural elastin
• 38% increase blood circulation over the course of 20 days
• Microcurrent can be used for cellulite reduction, body sculpting, and massage therapy

Custom Peel

Varies natural or chemical acids chosen for your skin. These include Platinum, Jessner, and TCA peel.

Custom Facial Add-ons


A gentle exfoliation of 3-4 layers of skin using a stainless steel surgical blade. Improves skin texture, helps reduce the appearance of fine-lines & sun spots, removes vellus hair, giving a flawless finish. A great alternative to facial waxing.

Requires MD Clearance. $20 video consultation fee.

Collagen Eye Treatment

Made with skin-plumping peptides, this mask brightens and infuses hydration into the skin for a soothing eye treatment you'll want to do on a regular basis. This collagen-boosting treatment improves crepey texture and regenerates skin's firmness so that your eye area looks plumper right away.