Receptionist / Esthetician


Service Dog | Team Morale

Stella was adopted in Los Angeles, California on April 13, 2010 with the intent to be trained as a therapy/service dog. After Jill was hit by a drunk driver she had severe PTSD. Her doctor advised a therapy/service animal to help with panic attacks. From the moment Jill met Stella, it was love at first sight. Jill had searched many months to find a dog that had potential for the animal training. Stella proved to be easy to train, learning all the techniques the trainer put before her. With her certification, Stella helped Jill to get back out into the world, gradually managing her anxiety and PTSD. Stella loves her job at Just Jill Beauty & Wellness. She may even greet clients at the door and walk them back to the room. If you don’t feel comfortable having Stella lay on your lap while you get a facial, just let Jill know.