Jill The Jill of Just Jill Beauty & Wellness is a recognized leader in the skin care and beauty community, with over 20+ years in the industry. Like many career-driven business owners, Jill comes from humble beginnings, starting her career in beauty working at a makeup counter in Atlanta. It was here that she discovered her passion for building confidence in people, especially women, as well as, her natural skill as a Makeup Artist. Thus began a journey into making a career out of cosmetics. 

To take her career to the next level, Jill moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in world-renowned makeup school, Makeup Designory (MUD). Her talent and drive got her hired on her first film set before graduating.  Most famously on the Sundance award winner, ‘BRICK.’ 

In 2009, a drunk driver hit Jill’s rental car head-on at a speed of 90 miles per hour. She was traveling as a trainer for a makeup company and was only 10 minutes from her hotel. The accident left her with neck and back injuries, chronic inflammation, and broken bone in her ear. She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. To help in her recovery, a therapist recommended adopting a service animal. After searching for the perfect companion, Jill found Stella – It was love at first sight! Jill adopted Stella and trained her into a certified service animal for PTSD. 

Slowly, Jill began to heal and think about her future. She went back to school and became a Medical Esthetician. Then moved to Austin, TX to be closer to family and eventually opening her own business, Just Jill Beauty and Wellness. A local Medical Spa that provides comprehensive, customized skin care and professional beauty services. Stella also goes with her to work, and is a valued team member that helps comfort clients with anxiety and PTSD. 

From her experience in Hollywood and working with a range of products, she began to conceptualize a collection of makeup and skincare products – one that focused on benefiting the skin as much as it provided beautiful looks for a range of skin types. Her first product was the Shea Butter Foundation Stick, which launched into a full line of skin care and cosmetics. A collection of products sourced from organic, active ingredients for the clear, resilient and beautiful healthy-looking skin we all deserve. Just Jill Cosmetics are produced eco, vegan-friendly, and use eco-recyclable packaging. 

Today, Jill can be found greeting clients and friends as they enter the spa. We welcome all genders, skin types, and deeply believe diversity is beautiful. Beyond running her small business, she continues to learn and expand her industry knowledge. Ensuring our clients the latest in advanced skin care and stronger results. 

Her motto is ‘beauty from the inside out.’ This is the main focus in our mission at Just Jill Beauty & Wellness: to help provide benefits and results that go beyond skin deep. She runs JJBW with the same passion in beauty that she had at the beginning, behind the makeup counter in Atlanta. Come visit us today and meet Just Jill – she can’t wait to help you reach your needs and skin goals!