Makeup artist and skin therapist Jill Ventimiglia has been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 20 years. Like many career-driven business owners, Jill comes from humble beginnings in her industry, getting her first experience in beauty while working at a makeup counter in Atlanta. Thus began a journey into making a career out of cosmetics. It was here that she discovered her passion for building confidence in women, as well as her natural skill in makeup artistry.

After three years of working and building a strong foundation in cosmetics, Jill wanted to take her professional skills to the next level. She moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in world-renowned makeup school, Makeup Designory (MUD). Her talent and drive got her hired on her first film before graduating and she has been working in the industry ever since, most recently as a makeup artist on the TLC show “Skin Tight” in 2016.

While using nearly every cosmetics line as she worked in film/television, Jill conceptualized a makeup line that would actually be GOOD for the skin instead of causing breakouts.

She wanted a product that provided the coverage and look desired by the client but also benefited their skin. This idea would become Just Jill Cosmetics, her natural mineral makeup line that now features everything from 4-in-1 foundations, cream eye shadows, and long-wearing lip colors.