See Jill’s Work on TLC’s “Skin Tight!”

Jill’s been busy at work in AND out of the spa these past few months! Wondering what she’s been up to? She hasn’t been able to reveal a lot of details until recently, but here’s the official exciting news: Jill’s been traveling around the country to work as the makeup artist on a new reality TV show on TLC!

TLC skin tightThe show is called “Skin Tight” and follows several people who have lost incredible amounts of weight and are undergoing a full body transformation through skin removal surgery. You’ll get a raw, honest look at these individuals and the dramatic changes made in their lives.

Jill is honored to have worked with TLC and done makeup for each of the episode’s big reveals! She actually got her start in film and TV makeup artistry, so it’s been amazing to revisit the work that sparked her passion to make a career out of cosmetics and skin care.

Catch Jill’s makeup artistry on Skin Tight on TLC – Wednesdays at 10/9pm central time.